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Iara de Oliveira Line, MA, EA

Iara de Oliveira Line, MA, EA, is an Enrolled Agent– EA (US Tax Expert, federally licensed tax preparer, with unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS). She is also a certified Attorney at Law in Brazil, with Master’s degree in Tax Law.

After graduating in Law in 2008, Iara became a leading team member for several important law offices in Minas Gerais, Brazil (i.e.: CLRD Advogados Associados/Baker Tilly Brasil, João Bosco Leopldino Advocacia e Consultoria), handling tax and business litigation for large corporate clients in the Oil Industry, education, and technology that was critical to the growth of these companies. Iara was the first person requested for these important tasks because of her abilities, knowledge and integrity.

As a result of her high performance as a Business/Tax Attorney, Iara was invited to become the Legal Coordinator of Brazil’s largest IT outsourcing company, Microcity Computadores e Sistemas Ltda. Iara guided Microcity in their greatest growth period, partly by creating and improving contracts for the sales team, creating and implementing tax planning, and coordinating the legal needs of the company. Her accomplishments also include building an outstanding team of lawyers and interns and was voted manager of the year.

During the same period, Iara started her own Law Practice (Tassara Mangeroti Advocacia e Consultoria) specializing in small and medium businesses, providing Business and Tax Advising. Her law practice was a success and rapidly grew into an international practice.

After Iara moved to Maui, she founded Global Maui Business Consulting, providing business consulting services to clients doing business locally and internationally, and started writing a legal column for Brazil Hawaii Business Connections, in the Brasileiros no Havaí Magazine (Brazilians in Hawaii Magazine).

Iara was also the Managing Partner of Smart Tax Solutions, a Hawaii firm that provides Tax and Financial Advice to business and individuals, locally and internationally.

In 2016 Iara founded Aloha Tax Group, where she and a group of highly skilled professionals offer Tax and Financial services to individuals, small and medium business, and Non Profits.

Iara believes that every individual, every family and every business has the right to achieve financial success and stability. She is here to help you!

Iara and her team will help individuals, and entrepreneurs create a wealth strategy that will provide financial freedom throughout their life and for future generations. Her extensive experience in tax enables her to assist clients in establishing tax efficient structures and she believes a pro-active approach to tax planning is essential.

About Aloha Tax Group

We are your local Tax and Financial business, and we bring you our expertise for your success.

Aloha Tax Group believes that every individual, business, or Non-Profit organization deserves having success.

With many years of experience, our experts understand the complexity of tax code, and have concluded that knowing how to apply the tax code, combined with good organization, and proper planning are the essentials for success. This is what we do best!

We are here to help you to understand your tax liabilities and advantages. We will assist you with your goals, build confidence, bringing you peace of mind at tax time and year-round.

Our goal is to help individuals and businesses, especially in the State of Hawaii, to achieve financial freedom. We are proud to be part of this beautiful Hawaiian community, and we understand what Aloha is. Let us share our Aloha with you!

Why Aloha Tax Group?

  •  You will get licensed and experienced tax experts

Aloha Tax Group founder, Iara de Oliveira Line and her team are not merely Tax Preparers. They are Enrolled Agents,  highly trained and certified by the IRS as Tax Experts, Tax Advisers and authorized to represent clients before the IRS and State of Hawaii to solve tax issues. In addition, Iara is an Attorney at Law in her country of origin (Brazil) and brings many years of experience and expertise in Law to her Tax practice in the US.

  • You will have personalized services

For Aloha Tax Group, clients are not just a number. Clients are partners for success and are treated with special attention and dedication. Aloha Tax Group knows that each person, and each business are different  from one another, and so, present a  personalized solution for each one of them.

  •  You will have year-round Assistance 

Aloha Tax Group understands that in order for its clients succeed, the application of tax planning should be year round. For this reason, Aloha Tax Group is open year-round, helping the clients to increase their bottom line and take total advantage of the tax code, paying less taxes and saving money.

  • You will have quality services with a fair and  competitive pricing

It is our policy that our clients get their full dollar value for our services. We go the extra mile in order for you to achieve your goals. Our prices are always fair and competitive in our local market.

  • Your one stop shop to achieve success 

Aloha Tax Group has Tax Experts and Financial Planers, offering many facets of reliable services including Tax preparation, book keeping, tax planning, financial advice and more, all in one place.Let us know your needs.